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I do music, love art and I like to travel. #WhoIsRyanWalker
Who did you want to be when you was a kid?

What I’m doing now! actually, i used to film myself in my room as a MTV VJ for the longest time, my little sister as my stand in guest. ha. 

I just want to hug you xoxo

hugs are always welcome. ;)

Hey Wolf!


Hiiiii. You rock. You're seriously the bomb dignity, yes I just said that. Anyways, I really hope you and the guys come back to Canada very soon! I'm having the most insane withdrawals, okay? Haha :) Canada loves you!

I love Canada! see you soon and thanks for your support! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer that other ask, you guys were AMAZING in Boca (I was only two rows away, I was so happy) . I can't wait to see you guys again next time you come 'round. Speaking of that, do you plan on staying with Imagine Dragons after their night visions tour? Or will you go back to DREAMERS ?

I plan on staying with the guys till we ride this out. Obviously I have other side projects I’m working on so you never know what will hit but I truly enjoy playing music with Imagine Dragons, the guys are my best friends. DREAMERS was a fun album I wrote years and years ago. More music on the way from me but I’m sticking with the guys. ;) 

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a picture with you guys for my birthday at your show on the 25th at the Jones beach theater?

I speak for the guys but I would be happy to if that helps. Just message me  the morning of the show and I’ll make sure to say hello. Talk soon and thanks for reaching out! 

so you are an official band member in my eyes...but are you an official member in the bands eyes??? :)

Hi Ash! Thank you but no. I’m a pain in the butt in the bands eyes. ;) 

You're cool. Not as cool as me. But cool.

I appreciate that! keep up that swag. 

Hello Ryan! I'm your Fan! I love your music, I love Dreamers and you music in Imagine Dragons. I hope their show in Corona capital 2013! MÉXICO LOVES YOU!

Oh thats so awesome! Dreamers was my last band. Thanks for checking that out. I LOVE Mexico and visit as much as I can. My sister has a home in Rosarito where we have all our holidays and family gatherings. (I know, not very south of Mexico) I’m currently learning spanish during my travels. Maybe when we meet in Mexico I’ll be fluent! Make sure to say hello if you come to the Mexico City show. ¡Viva México, su cultura y su comida increíble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

Hi hi hi hi hi omg hi. Kay. Do uk what say you're performing in Milwakuee this summer @ summerfest? Can't wait to see u AND at Lolla. That's my Dream. To perform at lollapalooza. And look at you. Wow. Favorite band performing @ my dream venue. I wish u luck my friends

Thank you! I’m really looking forward to both fests. I love lollapalooza! I went the year The Stokes headlined and it was insane. I would have never thought we would be playing such great festivals! Have you shared your music with me before? Send some over and keep rocking. You NEVER know what the future holds. TRUST ME! Talk soon. 

Hey Ryan, I love you and Imagine Dragons. You guys are such an inspiration and I can NOT wait for your show in Boca :D I discovered you guys only about a month or two ago and I have become such a big fan in the last couple weeks :) Good luck on all your shows!

Sorry for the delay and thank you for taking the time to write. I’m happy the music inspires you! Keep in touch! 

hi!! I love imagine dragons and your music! you are so awesome!! <3 <3 <3 I love you

I love you too! Sorry for the delay. Things have been crazy. ;) 

Hey Ryan, how did you meet the guys of iD, and end up joining the band? Looking forward to seeing ya'll in TX this fall :)

I met the guys while working on a music project at SXSW in Austin TX years back. I told Dan I loved the music and when things pickup to keep me in mind. And BAM! he remembered and texted me one day out of the blue. I was the singer for a band called DREAMERS our of LA and I put that on the shelf to pursue this great journey with Imagine Dragons. Thanks for the email and keep in touch! 

hey ryan i love youuu and you guys are amazing. i was in the pit at the raleigh show! thanks for braving the storm with us.. best night of my life, seriously. so thank you again. can't wait to see you back here. let's hope for better weather next time. :)

That show was crazy! hope to see you next time! 

I waited outside the Palladium from 1AM to see you guys front row tonight!! It was honestly the best concert that i have ever been to! Oh, and thanks for taking that selfie with me and signing my shirt!! <3333 I posted it on my page stepbybeautifulstep. tumblr. com

We had a blast! Thanks again for your support. ;)